Almost three years later, I watched as my husband, having made a moral choice and refusing to lower his standards regardless of the threats the Army threw at him, was led away to a van that would take him to a plane that would take him to a different kind of war. Imagine being placed in that position for yourself. How would you react?
It was our choice – going to peace.  Based on the information we had, and knowing that we do not take our commitments lightly, we knew that we would face this duty to country together – the commitment we had made.  Kevin to defend the constitution, the country and all that it represented as a soldier who had decided that he must live for peace and would no longer participate in war, and me as the one who would take care of everything that was ours while he was away.
Prison happened.
Can you truly understand what it feels like to watch in the bright sunlight while your husband, still wearing the medals of honor given for over 10 years of commitment to defending this country and its constitution, is forced into confinement by a corrupt command who seem to live for the false sense of power they felt by attempting to control this soldier rather than honoring his inalienable right to choose for himself.  Do you know what it feels like to watch a man who volunteered for this service when so many others felt no responsibility to defend what they have been given, be taken into custody for standing for the very rights he had defended?  For those who have never been there, please do not say you understand.  You never will.
The feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming – but you have to be strong when you realize that as much as the motive seems to be a duty to country, what it comes down to is your husband knowing that he will do anything to keep you safe – so the country benefits from the love you share.
The months of finding creative ways to take care of this man who has been wrongfully forced to deprive himself of everything that home and our way of life gives us, simply because he has enough love in his heart to want to keep what he cares about safe, are months you live on the edge, but also with a strength that can only come from that love, and from a greater being who DOES understand.  Who gives you what you need because it is the LOVE that He respects, and the support that the love gives for standing by someone who has made the choice to live by what they believe.