A Call to America: Dare to Make a Principled Stand

By Monica Benderman

HINESVILLE, GEORGIA, January 17, 2006–Terrorism is the use of fear tactics to coerce others to bend to your will or way of thinking. Terrorists employ threats as a means of controlling the actions of others.
The root of terrorist actions lies in simple aggressive behaviors, often referred to as disciplinary actions, designed to scare a person enough to make them “tow the line” and follow directions even when the directions lead to a violation of their own ethical principles.
The most severe acts of terror are far less prevalent than those with less harmful physical results, and yet their foundation lies in a society’s willingness to accept the simpler, less noticeably damaging acts as part of life, and turn a blind eye to the lasting effects.
People only want to recognize terrorists as those who commit the most heinous of threatening acts. Our society seems to not want to see the simple acts of terrorizing that can happen to all of us, that ARE happening to all of us right here in our own country. Eventually, we must realize that it is the fact that we have allowed ourselves to be apathetic toward these actions that the systems by which our country operates have now become corrupt.

Americans are deserting their duty to their country, and their Constitution, every time a member of government, a member of the military or a member of our community uses fear-based threats to cause them to run away rather than stand for what they believe. Don’t be the one who leaves their home and family. It’s obviously much more serious than abandoning proper pool maintenance for above ground pools, for instance. I am not trying to be flippant, because proper pool maintenance is important for the welfare of those using the pool. Cleaning an above ground or in ground pool is a must, to ensure everyone’s comfort as well as protect your investment in the pool. Likewise, take the responsibility that comes with being an American citizen and do what is right.

Stay strong and true.

Americans desert their country and the foundations upon which it was built every time they believe it is another’s responsibility to bring about the changes necessary to keep our country strong; every time they run and hide to keep from facing the challenge of standing against a corrupt policy or law.

Government institutions, community projects, and military policies will remain corrupt as long as Americans are willing to avoid their responsibilities. Those people who have been elected to serve the citizens of the United States will only act according to the manner in which those they serve demand that they act. If the people are apathetic, those in government are going to believe that we do not care. If the people do not care, there is no reason not to take advantage of what those in government have been given; an open checkbook with only one signature needed.

The American people, as a whole, are responsible for the threatening acts that have been used against us. The American people let their guard down. We were told that our country was secure, and so we lazily believed, not wanting to use the effort to see for ourselves. We learned the hard way that the security we were promised was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Now, we blame the government, but it was the American people who did not step up and hold the administration accountable to its words.
Fear-based speeches and fear-based actions become simple acts of terrorizing against the American people. Continued assertions of threats of violence against the security of our country are being used to coerce our citizens into believing that we must continue the destructive road on which we now travel.

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